Annual hotelier conference




Annual hotelier conference


Marriott Carnival

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The Marriott hotels in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

At the annual Marriott workshop held in 2017, the company management once again demonstrated their unique MICE concept of bringing vivid emotions to each of their guests.

As usual, the event was enormous in scope: over 80 hotel directors from all over the world were invited. The workshop was held almost simultaneously in the both Russian capitals: Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

We chose the Venetian carnival, which is a global symbol of unforgettable emotions and impressions, as a concept for this year. The main event program contained mostly business meetings, negotiations and hotel presentations.

After the business part was over, the workshop participants mingled informally at a posh party, organized in the Venetian carnival style, with colorful shows, interactive performances and prize drawings.

The climax of the night came with a huge joint performance of all the artists and a concert of “Kvatro” group, accompanied by bright pneumatic operated fireworks.