Presentation of a New Car Model




Presentation of a New Car Model


Devil in the Details

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To awake truly wild, posive emoons in the parcipants of an event, somemes you need a single meaningful detail.

When we developed a presentaon of the most expensive car in the Lexus product line to the consumers and the journalists, we took inspiraon from the Brother Lumiere’s first cinema show. Back in those mes, you only needed to show frames of an oncoming train to have a desired effect and to send the audience fleeing every which way.

The «Communicator» agency went a lot further. Thanks to a professionally edited video ad and precise direcon, as the car on the video approached, a real LEXUS LS 460 came through the screen and smoothly descended to the crowd over two ramps. Aer that, so as not to dilute the WOW effect, the renovated model was presented to the audience among the pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by unobtrusive, stylish music and accompanied by expensive snacks.